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Statement of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia regarding the so-called Day of Recognition of Independence of the occupied Abkhazia

On August 26, occupied Abkhazia celebrates the day of recognition "as an independent state" by Russia. The last 10 years show clearly the reality of occupied Abkhazia: the unstable political situation, fragile socio-economic condition, collapsed economy, increased criminogenic threats, youth with vague perspective, hopeless elderly people and pensioners, disappointed society, the destiny of thousands of people sacrificed to Russia's geopolitical interests, after the expelled Georgians, Abkhazians displaced from Abkhazia. The feeling of patriotism is an unfavorable reality and even more uncertain future backgrounds are obviously incomprehensible. Is this a ceremonial? This is our common tragedy.

We appeal to the Abkhaz brothers to analyze the current events well, we are well aware that this recognition is not based on any international legal framework, on the contrary, it is a violation of the rules of international law, that is less useful to the interests of Abkhazians, since with ignoring the obligations taken under the agreement of 2008, created the military plaque in the region with pseudo-independence mantra.

We have a great responsibility in the upbringing of young people. Abkhazian compatriots say that the youth is growing with the influence of ethno-radicalism.  For the generation with false ideals and hate rhetoric self-assertion will be very difficult, especially since it is historically proven that none of the societies can develop through ethno-radicalism and tolerance is characteristic of progressive humanity. They should analyze in what conditions they exist and they must know that Georgia stands with them, The Government of Georgia offers them all the benefits that are in the civilized world of any citizen of Georgia regardless of sex, nationality, political views or confessions. Establishment of trust environment and direct dialogue is a prerequisite for resolving any disagreements with peaceful, civilized methods.

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