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Abkhazia continues self-isolation

De facto president of Abkhazia so called expiry of his presidential term tries to throw people being in difficult economic conditions even more poverty and announces the opening of the so called customs checkpoint across the Enguri Bridge in response to the Georgian government's initiative. As a result of this action it reinforces "self-isolation" of the occupied Abkhazia and contributes to the impoverishment of the local population. Each step of his so-called governance is unconstructive and aims escalating the situation and discrimination on ethnic grounds which have a negative impact on the peace process.

Thus opening of the customs point will significantly increase prices of the products in Gali as well as in the entire occupied Abkhazia that contradicts the interests of the population.

The steps taken by the de-facto president of Abkhazia is a clear example of how people should not love and how to exchange personal ambitions for people's well-being.

Government of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia

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