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Appeal to the Veterans of “March Battles"

Announcement of March 16 Artillery Professional Day in Georgia is based on warrior's firm spirit, incomparable bravery, mostly artillery highest professionalism, perseverance and artillerist's high professionalism that repulsed the enemy's armed forces and militants who tried to invade Sukhumi and attack on peaceful civilians.

Hundreds of dedicated fighters who rescued thousands of citizens were killed in this severest clashes and unequal battle.

It is our great honor to pay high tribute to parents, widows and orphans of fallen patriots ... thank you for your heroes and for your "strengthening in a hard and painful situation" and for worthy descendants of hero fathers.

We appeal to all participants of operation of 15-16 March 1993 soldiers and the civilian population living in the war zone:

Thank you, dear warriors, veterans, compatriots... you have honorably protected your homeland, we have also not forgotten outstanding fearless, patriotic spirit deserves even more as you have contributed in the unity of Georgia, and showed your commitment.

This war has no winner, we Georgians and Abkhazians are defeated together, and however you with your patriotic soul give us lesson how to stop making mistakes those foreign forces would never be able to stimulate among the inhabitants of the same country!!!

We stand by your side and do everything to support for you contribution and devotion.

Government of the A/R of Abkhazia
Supreme Council of the A/R of Abkhazia

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