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Appeal of the Supreme Council of the A/R of Abkhazia and Government of the A/R of Abkhazia

Our Ossetian brothers!

The time has come when keeping silence is equal to treason and the inaction is the biggest crime that is disclosed by many examples of history of human development. We cannot remain inactive and with head down to face expected catastrophe that our common enemies have intended to implement on our Georgian land. Provocation veiled as a referendum that formally starts with renaming of Ossetia in fact it is initial stage of annexation that implies to leave Ossetians living in Georgia without homeland. Most importantly, even more insidious plan is when the Kremlin and Ossetian traitor leaders want to implement the historical injustice with your own hands. The so-called referendum has no common will with the Ossetian people living in Georgia and with free choice of our brothers. As they say, this is the beginning of the end and Kremlin will execute the accomplishment of the process of reunification with North Ossetia with the Russian "motherland"when it deems necessary. It is hard to imagine that the Ossetian people living in Georgia will allow and press the self-destruction button.

Our brothers! Do not let yourself be overwhelmed with crime by traitors, who have decided to make you displaced and homeless people. Everybody should understand no one will be able to turn Georgian land into Russian. The land is intact, unique, homeland of small nations, and is covered with the slope of the Virgin Mary.

Ossetian largest writer and founder of Ossetian literature Costa Khetagurov ends his narrative "Our mountains" as:  "if you ever been in Caucasus and have not seen Georgia, then you have not seen Caucasus, as well, dear friend!" So was considered our country by the Ossetian classical writer. These words to Russian traveler are said by Ossetian shepherd and this is, considerable. We're saying that the Ossetians always considered Georgia as their homeland and were as proud as ordinary Mengrelian, Svan or Kakhelian.

Georgian land has been and will be your most cherished homeland. Do not make irretrievable mistake.  Don't obey the rules you would not want to follow. And don't spoil our Georgians and Ossetians nations' centuries' brotherhood. Don't become the hostages of those traitors of the Ossetian people living in Georgia. Our common history shows that we were together in every situation in war, during the feasts, in a quarrel ... We have been together in daily routine and faced the challenges and there was nothing unusual in it. One faith, neighborly relations, mutual respect, blood ties, centuries of past life bound us.

Why did we forget it? Who did it? How the Georgians, Ossetians, Abkhazians living in one land have become enemies of each other? May be we are guilty in this war. Who managed to hamper on the way of our own confession and repentance? Who urges us to gain confidence, and it is impossible to restore the broken bridge. Why are we not fighting for our rights that are everyone's right and duty? We all know who has erected the Chinese wall but apparently, no one believes that this could be overcome. How? The question rises, and it is possible with unity, by forgiveness of, trust, mutual interest and supporting. The time has come to bring the words in action. We extend a brotherly hand, would like to confirm the love and respect, let together correct mistakes and bravely choose to pursue the path of historical justice. Let us pray together, to forgive each other and repent mistakes. This is taught by our great ancestors, who brought us our common homeland until now and for future generations.

It is needed to restore the historical pattern and a proper balance. Georgians, Ossetians, Abkhazians, Armenians and other nationalities have lived together for ages on a Georgian land and we are sure that it will last forever. Let the lord be guide in a unification way of Georgians, Abkhazians and Ossetians in a unified Georgia.

Chairman of the Supreme Council of the A/R of Abkhazia,
Elguja (Gia) Gvazava;

The Acting Chairman of Government of the A/R of Abkhazia,
Vakhtang Kpolbaia;

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