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Statement of the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia

The Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia expresses concern on the information provided by the Abkhazian side at the 46th meeting of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism (IPRM) on May 31 in Gali, with regard to the termination of criminal prosecution against Rashid Kanji-ogli.

Statement on the termination of criminal prosecution was made on the meeting of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism (IPRM) created in the framework of the Geneva International Discussions. The goal and objective of this mechanism is to discuss and react on such criminal acts. Decisions on such cases should be made within the abovementioned mechanism with the support of the representatives of the international organizations. Unfortunately, currently, the joint coordinated cooperation is terminated or significantly weakened. The "arguments" of Sokhumi that they haven't received relevant and trusted evidence and materials from Tbilisi are false. Abkhazian side was provided with all important documentation and details related to the investigation, including the most reliable evidence - video record, that was seen by the entire world and that is now in the hands of the de-facto government.

We would like to announce in advance that such kind of efforts oriented on the irritation of Tbilisi will not be successful. Publicly ignoring the investigation, letting the criminals move freely in the streets without punishment to commit new criminal acts, can be considered as a bad example. Such kind of unfair justice will give nothing to the de-facto authorities of Abkhazia who claim the recognition of "independence" and the governing elite of Russia seeking to declare Russia as a "Super-State". Murder of Giga Otkhozoria has become a large scale tragedy. The entire world saw and was informed about this fact. It's not hard to guess why the entire progressive international community follows the policy of non-recognition. Separatism is considered as one of the most serious threats in the modern world. Such kind of crimes without punishment can be born only within such kind of regimes. The victory of separatism is followed by chaos and injustice. Separatism is free from state responsibility; it's not based on justice and objectivity, prosecution is just an attempt of competing with uncertain hieroglyph. Murdering the citizen of Georgia on Georgian controlled territory while talking on the signing the document on "Non-resumption of Fire" is the most evident manifestation of separatism. Georgia, working on improving and renewing peaceful initiatives and refusing the signing of the document on "Non-resumption of Fire", is perceived as a threat by Sokhumi, while Abkhazia, that tries to perform at the international scene as an innocent lamb, opens the fire first and violates the peace agreement in front of the entire world. It turns out that Giga Otkhozoria was the main threat for Sokhumi and Russia and that's why he was killed so inhumanly. "Prosecution" of Rashid Kanji-ogli was just the fiction. Decision on the termination of criminal prosecution against Rashid Kanji-ogli two weeks before the beginning of the Geneva Discussions is the provocative step from the side of Sokhumi and Russia.  This mine was deliberately activated before the Geneva Talks. But as they say, if you are informed, it means that the enemy is disarmed and its scope of action is significantly limited.

We address to the Abkhazian and Russian sides to react on the demand of Georgian side: renew the legal prosecution against Rashid Kanji-ogli, investigate this case and restrict his freedom before the end of the investigation.

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