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Meeting with the IDP artists participating in the exhibition organized by “Art-Echo” foundation held

Supported by the Government of the A/R of Abkhazia Head of the "Art-Echo" foundation, Dali de-Graaf met with the painters participating in the Netherlands exhibition at Valeri Arkania Art Gallery. He thanked IDP artists from Abkhazia for participation in the exhibition and handed over certificates and brochures showing Leiden's exhibition.

Members of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia and IDP artists attended the event.

IDP artists' from Abkhazia held exhibition at "Zone" located in Leiden, Netherlands, under the title "When? My dream - Abkhazia "was held. The exhibition was hosted by 22 artists from Abkhazia. The exhibition lasted for a week and sold 1/3 of the presented works.

The exhibition was attended by Ambassador of Georgia to the Kingdom of the Netherlands Kote Surguladze, Leiden's Vice-Mayor Monique Van Sandick, Netherlands Ambassador in Georgia Hans Horbach, Amnesty International Netherlands representative, Fritz Daiks. The exhibition was attended by the Georgian Consul in the Netherlands Tamar Gvinadze, representative of Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lotte Hayem, Austrian Ambassador in the Netherlands Heidi Maria Gourier, Estonian Consul in the Netherlands Mut Murd, and First Deputy Ambassador of Kuwait in the Netherlands Ittihah Ahmad.

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