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Revealed grant holders of Dimitri (Arzakan) Emukhvari and Jiuli Shartava of this academic year

In 2016, with the initiative of Vakhtang Kolbaia, Acting Chairman of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia, is launched  Dimitri (Arzakan) Emukvari and Jiuli Shartava Scholarships, which will be awarded to the bachelor's and master's students of the science field of politics, specially successful and working on Abkhazian issues. Students are also required to have high academic qualifications, scientific publishing, scientific conferences and social activity.

The special commission set up with the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia summarized this year's submissions and four students to get scholarships.

With the Jiuli Shartava scholarship are awarded: Davit Dolidze, 3rd year student of journalism of Guram Tavartkiladze Teaching University and Tamar Baramia, Master's Student of Law and International Faculty of Georgian Technical University.

As well as, with the Jiuli Shartava scholarship is awarded: Tbilisi State University political science undergraduate program in the 4th semester student Tamar Chitinashvili and CU School of Governance, Public Administration Program student Teona Mchedlishvili.

"Georgian youth should be well aware of the problem of Abkhazia, one of the country's major concerns, which is part of global politics. They should have a clear idea of the history of Abkhazia, its past, present and future; in addition, they should have their own vision on the ways of solving the problem of Abkhazia. Arzakan (Dimitri) Emukhvari and Zhiuli Shartava - were Abkhazian and Georgian patriots who fought for peaceful coexistence of Georgians and Abkhazians for the integrity of Georgia in different times and epochs. This is an expression of the struggle for fairness and freedom, which resonates with universal ideals. Thus, I do not exclude that in the future of those young people who want to get these scholarships will be Abkhazian students"- stated Vkhtang Kolbaia.

The amount of scholarships for the Master of Student is 150 GEL per month and for the undergraduate student per month - 100/150 GEL. Scholarships will be issued once a month from the date of appointment.

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