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Government of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia Congratulates on the International Day of Teachers

Dear teachers, on behalf of the Government of the A/R of Abkhazia we would like to congratulates on the International Day of Teachers we are proud that you are standing on the guard of knowledge, our education workers. I would like to sincerely congratulate you on the professional day and I would like to appreciate your great deal of merit which is the basis for the strength, prosperity and success of our country.

Teacher - is civilized, democratic society and the state's unlawful foundation, the first messenger for hundreds of thousands of children, of peace, tolerance and mutual understanding leaving an unforgettable step in the pupils' future life.

We congratulate teachers in the educational institutions under the government of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia, as well as IDP teachers from Abkhazia who work in different regions of Georgia, that despite the hard life of IDPs, are standing firmly and loyally performing their respective duties.

With great respect we congratulate teachers working in the occupied territories, despite the numerous limitations and injustices, they are faithfully committed to the future generations of peacekeeping visions.

We congratulate all teachers once again on a professional holiday and wish their merit to be appreciated in the strong and stable country.

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