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The Government of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia sets up scholarship of academician Ilia Vekua

On September 12, 2017, the Government of A / R of Abkhazia received a decree on the appointment of Scholarship Academician Ilia Vekua. With scholarship of academician Ilia Vekua will be awarded the students of Sokhumi State University with special achievements and successful masterminds for successful development of intellectual potential.

The amount of scholarship is 150 GEL per month, not more than one student. Scholarship will be given from the date of appointment on a monthly basis (ten months).

Sokhumi State University has the right to nominate a student to award with scholarship of academician Ilia Vekua.

The relevant documentation of the candidate (Submission, 1 recommendation, copy of identity card, student's educational card, publication of scientific publications and documentation asserting participation in scientific conferences.) Submission will be presented to the commission created by the Chairman of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia.

The deadline for submission of fellowship to the abovementioned commission from Sokhumi University is through October 6 to October 20.


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