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New Year’s greetings of the Acting Chairman of Government of the A/R of Abkhazia, Vakhtang Kolbaia

In the next few hours comes new 2018 year that will magically act on every one of us. Its colorful days make us feel great and give hope for the future, and makes expelled residents from Abkhazia and Ossetia, to forget the terrible days of the past. The horror days are the past, but at the same time, the lessons of history, which have taught us a lot. Today we do think that Georgians and Abkhazians made a fatal mistake that we became enemy to our loving brothers and we left one another. The peace was replaced by the tormented silence and position of taciturnly. Many years have passed and we have not been able to reconcile the ordinary human relationship. The Enguri Bridge, which united us all 24 years ago, has become a symbol of our division today by occupants. But our hope that the people who are far away from their houses will return to their land will never disappear. We all have experience living in exile even in our homeland, and it is really hard. The beginning of life in an empty place is the hardest challenge for any person. We understand the young man who does not want to say that he is from the IDP family. It is degrading to one that should not live as an IDP, and it is clear to us and for the rest of the society. But there is nothing eternal in this world and either life in exile. Everything ends in this world and this painful condition will end one day. Artificially elevated political walls that restrict human relationships and impose barriers to their future, sooner or later will fall off. It took almost 30 years to destroy the Berlin Wall, and the German nation was forwarding step-by-step. We have come to know that the wise one learns about the mistakes of others the clever on their own and stupid does not even understand the mind. It is well said that the drops of the stone are not merely by force, but by frequent falling. These expressions are human experience, which we also share. With so kind of patience is our IDP community equipped by that we are all proud of them. All will agree that the more loyal and hard-working people are difficult to find. Fearless, devoted to the family, hospitable ones. The past years have shown us that we have to do our best for our future. Everyone should take part in peaceful relations, restoration of trust and good neighborly relations. We are all one and united. We should make to melt the ice that has blocked roads. The new 2018 year should be the beginning of a new stage of Georgian-Abkhazian relations, on the way to new ideas, new approaches. I congratulate on the occasion of 2018 and the unique days of Christmas-New Year, to all citizens of Georgia, in Tbilisi and Samachablo, Sokhumi and Sokhumi regions, Gagra, Gudauta, Gulripshi, Ochamchire, Tkvarcheli and Gali.

I wish this year to be especially important for our kids, our wonderful youth, and people of any age, sex, religious beliefs, political or other views regardless of national, ethnic or social affiliation.

Many happy New Years Friends!

God bless the United Georgia!

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