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Vakhtang Kolbaia congratulates Georgia’s Patriarch on his 85th birth anniversary

Your Holiness and Beatitude,

I have the honor to congratulate on the most important dates of your life - 85th birth anniversary and 40th anniversary of enthronement.

It is really rare in the world the nation and the country that has the happiness to have such a spiritual father, head that has Georgian people, Georgian, Apostolic, Autocephalous, Orthodox Church.

It is precious for the whole Georgia and, as you say, the children of Iveria - Georgians, Abkhazians, Ossetians and other nationalities living on this blessed land are revealing respect and gratitude to His Holiness and Beatitude.

Also, it is rare to have for decades the love that you carry a crucifixion of patriarchy, despite many trials and pain.

I would like to wish you a long life!

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