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The winners of the international tournament of Abkhazia were revealed in fencing

Initiated by the Sport and Youth Affairs Service of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia and supported by the Abkhazian Fencing Federation open international tournament was held in the fencing. The tournament was held between the boys and girls born in 2003-2005 and 2006-2008 in the form of personal championship in foil, épée and sabre. Differenet regions of Georgia, as well as Russia, Turkey, Iran, Armenia and Azerbaijan participated in the competition.

As a result of the three-day competition, Abkhazian sportsmen have won prizes in Sabre, Aleksandre Tavartkiladze- Boys (2006-2008) - I place; Luka Lominadze, Sabre - Boys (2003-2005) - II place; Luka Kacharava; Epee- Boys (2003-2005) - II place; Natalia Kharaishvili, Foil- Girls (2003-2005) - III place.

The winners of Abkhazian Championship were awarded with cups, medals and diplomas. The tournament prize cups were named after Rosa Jolagua and Tamaz Kakulia successful fencers. Tamaz Kakulia's wife handed gifts on behalf of her husband to the winners of tournament.

The tournament was held on May 3-6, in Tbilisi, and aimed promotion of Fencing in IDPs from Abkhazia, and revealing successful sportsmen, as well as establishing a healthy lifestyle.

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