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Sergo Pachkoria, Otar Zukhbaia and Meri Gegechkori awarded with the Medal of Honor by Georgian President

The Acting Chair of Government of the A/R of Abkhazia, Vakhtang Kolbaia and the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the A/R of Abkhazia, Elguja Gvazava by the decree of the President of Georgia awarded actor of Konstantine Gamsakhurdia State Drama Theater of Sokhumi, Sergo Pachkoria with the Order of Honor- State Award, Otar Zukhbaia, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia in 1987-1989 (after the death) and Meri Gegechkori, honored teacher (after death).

During the event friend and family members of Sergo Pachkoria, Otar Zukhbaia and Meri Gegechkori spoke about their period of activity.

Members of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia and MPs, scientists, public figures and family members of the Supreme Council attended the event.

The People's Artist of Georgia, Sergo Pachkoria has been associated with Sokhumi Constantine Gamsakhurdia State Drama Theater more than half a century that has become130 last year. In almost 150 roles performed by him, the entire modern era of the actress is based on his own poems.

For characterization of heroism of Otar Zukhbaia, the words spoken on the famous "likhni meeting" are enough:" "I stand on the side of Georgia, because I love Abkhazia very much" with these words, he risked his political career, however, remained the most important principle, committed to united Georgia.

Meri Gegechkori for years worked as a head of the Education Department of the Gali District. Later she was appointed Deputy Minister of Education of Abkhazia. For years she had friendly relations with the public and political circles of Abkhazia, and she had great trust in the Abkhazian population.

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