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Demographic situation in Abkhazia

The information concerning the ethnic groups/minorities living in Abkhazia is very important for those interested by Abkhazian issues.

As per the results of general census of the population in the Abkhazian Autonomous Republic the ethnic composition was formed by the citizens of Georgia, according to their nationalities thus representing ethnic Georgians, Abkhazians, Armenians, Russians, Greeks, Ukrainians, Byelorussians, Jews, Estonians, Ossetians, Turks, Moldavians, Azures, Poles and Gypsies.

Here are officially registered general quantity of the population and numerical correlation in the A/R of Abkhazia in respect of belonging to ethnic groups by the years:


Between them:

(Source -Department of Statistics)


Here are quantitative indices in percentage of the permanent/native ethnic population based on the statistic data of 1989:

Here are quantitative indices (in percentage) of ethnic Georgian population based on the statistic data of 1989:

The commonly known hostile actions in Abkhazia during 1992-93 has drastically changed demographic situation there. After the ethnic cleansing carried out by the occupational forces and separatist regime migration rate raised among the native population up to 350 000. Mainly Georgians suffered being forced to leave their habitat. In the occupied territory of Abkhazia the general quantity of Georgian population reduced by 88.5%.

Here are the latest data of Georgian population by percentage index in the occupied Abkhazia according the municipalities:

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