The Chairman of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia

Vakhtang Kolbaia

Acting chairman

Date and Place of Birth: September 9, 1952; Abkhazia, Georgia
Education: Moscow Institute of Food Industry, faculty of Economics,
Work Experience:

1974-1975 - Economist, Regional Water Suppliers' Union, Gali District, Abkhazia;
1976-1984 - Head of Abkhazian Youth District and Regional Organizations;
1984-1990 - Head of Administration, Executive Authority, Gali District;
1990-1993 - Chairman of Legal Committee and First Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia;
1993-1995 - First Deputy Chairman, Government of Abkhazian Autonomous Republic; Head of Gali District Administration (in internal displacement-exile);
Since 1987 - Member of the Supreme Council of Abkhazian Autonomous Republic;
1992-2004 - Member of Georgian Parliament;
1995-2004 - First Deputy Speaker of Georgian Parliament;
1996-2003 - Head of Georgian Delegation, OSCE Parliamentary Assembly;
1997-2003 - Head of the Parliamentary Group of Friendship with Armenia;
2000-2002 - Head of Georgian Parliamentary Group in CIS Parliamentary Assembly ;

Head of Research Center at Caucasian Regional Security Institute and member of Executive Board at Caucasian Dialogue Foundation;
Participant of various international NGO projects on conflict settlement issues;
Author of several books and publications;

Awarded: with The Order of Honor and G.Shervashidze State Award;
Marital Status:  Married, has two children.