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Russian anachronism or the militarization of Gali

Legitimate Government of the A/R of Abkhazia unanimously protests the announcement to make Gali the military town that it had received by the support of the de facto government. It is obvious, the Russian occupation regime step by step, gradually expanding their influence in Abkhazia and after the militarization of Gali considers as the new center for a clear military pressure on Georgia.

By announcing the militarization of Gali Russia ended started negotiations a few years ago with the de facto authorities. As is known, Russia wanted to make the same step in 2011, however, de facto Sukhumi did not support Moscow's will. Russia, that tries to keep the image of "powerful protector", patiently waited the developmental process of the party-political establishment that after the resignation of a hindrance Alexander Ankvab went rapidly and with the effort of Russia's unilateral favorite Raul Khajimba successfully completed- before was signed agreement between Moscow and the Abkhazian de facto authorities on united grouping of troops and then under this treaty Gali was announced as a military district by Russia. This means that no one be allowed to enter the city without special permits. Given the fact that almost 100 percent of the population is ethnic Georgians in Gali, Russia's act will be hard for already vulnerable local population as apparently they will have passing problems across Enguri Bridge. Furthermore, such a move is likely to aggravate the situation of the Russian ethnic Georgians and the Russian military, according the number of acts in the past, this can be assesed as the new provocative plan.

Legitimate Government of the A/R of Abkhazia considers that with this step Russia revived its Soviet system's "closed cities "tradition. As is known such type of system during the Soviet Union existed, particularly in the border "dangerous" cities: Murmansk, Severamorsk, Vladivostok, Sevastopol. Military units were standing, as well, in Akhalkalaki, Akhaltsikhe, Sarpi. Maximum strengthening of the occupied Gali with Russian armed forces even further demonstrates that Gali receives as the special status of the zone, as the above mentioned cities had during the Soviet period. Such a policy to say the least is Anachronism is outdated and not suitable for XXI century. Russia's action will have backlash from the ethnic Abkhaz population, whereas, "free and independent" Abkhazia, sooner or later, condemn Russia's step toward their final annexation.

Today, when the society is becoming more and more accustomed with the sense between Russia and Georgia not only economic, but also to upgrade the diplomatic relations, with its "great-power" politics in Abkhazia, Russia is clearly contrary to the process of rapprochement between Russia and Georgia. Georgia, to refer to the words of the Prime Minister, will not compromise the territorial integrity and sovereignty. Therefore, Georgia will never surrender with its jurisdiction the militarization.

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